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Rest Peacefully Baby Girl

June 01, 2005 - November 22, 2019

On November 22, 2019 Franceen and I unfortunately had to say farewell to our beloved Mörgen. She lived a long and full life of fourteen and a half years, and left us with grace in her final days. We will always cherish the fond memories we have of her and forever be grateful for how much she brought to our lives. She was our beautiful little girl, the most reliable road-trip companion, an incredibly driven bird hunter and expert sofa hog.

We don't know all the details of Mörgen's history, but it is believed that she was born in June of 2005. By the time we adopted her, she was going to her 4th home. Due to incomplete records, Mörgen's pedigree is not registered with the AKC, but we managed to secure an Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP) with what we had. She apparently comes from a well established line of field trial champions, which makes sense considering how fast and far she liked to run.

She joined our family on January 14, 2007.

Mörgen as a puppy, age and date unknown.

A little tentative, but she seemed to make herself comfortable pretty quickly. Moë didn't object.

Photos of Mörgen doing what she does best, running outdoors. Also, getting a perfect score on her AKC Junior Hunter test!

What Mörgen did best was run, and run she did. She was one of the fastest dogs I've ever known and could run for what seemed like days. With the help of some dear friends of mine, Franceen and I got her involved with activities that she was bred for. We worked with the Mason-Dixon German Shorthaired Pointer club and the Northern Virginia Brittany club, who helped us train Mörgen to get her AKC Junior Hunter title. She did so well that she secured a perfect score!

However, her real passion was birds. After some preserve training, nothing was going to put her instincts to the test like hunting wild birds. Again, thanks to some dear and incredibly generous friends who trained me as much or more than Mörgen, we did 5 road trips from northern Virginia to north-central Kansas in search of wild pheasants. It is in America's heartland where I really saw what drove this dog. She was a joy to watch and be with in the field.

Some photos from the field and the great friends who made it all happen.

There is so much more that I could write and share here, but it would make for one very long blog post. Mörgen and I spent 13 rich years together and a fair bit of that time was just her and I as we would spend 2 days driving to Kansas, a week together hunting, then another 2 days driving back home. She was Franceen's nightly snuggler/bed-hog, and absolutely loved her Mom.

In the end, poor Mörgen fought a long battle with kidney disease until they abruptly stopped functioning, which caused a rapid decline in her quality of life. She never complained and left us with grace after a long and healthy life.

Mörgen, thank you for being a huge part of our lives and giving us so many great memories. May you rest peacefully sweet baby girl. We will miss you dearly, but we will never forget you. Rest in peace.

- Leo & Franceen Kahng, November 24, 2019

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