1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2020.04.02

Can this be? Will this be the day that I actually get the Jeep on 4 wheels? Only time will tell. With the front axle completed and leaf springs installed, the next step was to attach it to the frame. I Got my trusty shop crane to lift the frame up and hold it while I situated the front axle underneath.

Ready to lower and get things in place.

As anticipated, it took a good bit of maneuvering, hammering, cussing and taking breaks to get things to line up. This time I started with the main eye side, since I learned that lesson from installing the rear axle. The main eye is the hardest part, but once it's in, the shackle side is a piece of cake since you have so much wiggle room to work with.

Got it installed after some finessing.

I can't believe it! The Jeep is on 4 wheels now. This was a long time coming and it feels really good to have the Jeep as a rolling chassis, for the most part. There are a few things that need to be readdressed, but I can do all of that with the axles attached to the frame, which is a major milestone.

Front view, pretty shackles.

We have ourselves a rolling chassis!

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