1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2020.03.30

Next up is installing the axle shafts for the front axle. This is very simple and went quickly. I then installed the dust seals for the axles.

Axle shafts installed with dust seals.

Cool shot of the front axle U-joint.

The spindle seal kit that came with the spindles had these 3 pieces.I had already installed the axle dust seal, but what are these other two parts? I don't recall removing these during disassembly. The seal on the left is already installed. The middle piece is a spacer and the beveled side faces inward toward the center of the vehicle. The right piece is a grease seal for the spindle.

Some parts that took me a little time to figure out where they go.

So that middle spacer goes on like so. It provides a flat bearing surface for the spindle and its seal to push against since the axle shaft surface has a radius to it.

Spindle spacer installed.

Next up is the spindle grease seal and the channel faces the spindle bearing.

Spindle seal packed with grease.

Spindle seal installed.

And that's it. The spindle is ready to go on the steering knuckle and secured on the studs.

Spindle over the axle and ready to be secured.

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