1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2023.07.04

Fun fact - modifications from factory stock often induce fitment problems. Though the Clifford intake manifold has threads for the rear power steering pump bracket, they way it attaches to the head increases the distance of those threads from the engine block, where the bottom of the rear bracket attaches.

Also, the use of headers instead of the factory exhaust manifold creates another clearance problem since the headers extend from the cylinder head farther than the stock exhaust manifold.

Interference - yay!

Trying to visualize and free-hand fit things, I decided I needed to basically destroy most of the original rear power steering pump bracket by grinding away metal to clear the headers.

On top of this, since the manifold threads are farther away from the block, none of the bolt holes line up on the upper end of the bracket. Taking a longer look at things, I'm not even sure if I need the upper bolt that attaches to the intake manifold. In the original configuration, the upper thread was for a stud that goes through the bracket and supports the bottom of the smog pump. Since I'm eliminating the smog pump, all I really need is enough support for the power steering pump. I would imagine that since the power steering pump is held by brackets in front of and behind it, there will be enough structural support from these 2 bracing points to handle the torsional forces from the drive belt.

We'll just have to run with this and see if it works, because the original bracket won't work as is. I hate to mess up an original part, but this Jeep won't be 100% original anyway. Fairly far from it, actually, but it's mine.

Trying to line things up to drill a new hole for proper attachment.

I ended up drilling a new hole. I'm not very pleased about this since things should have lined up with the original bracket, but that wasn't going to happen. I hope this holds up.

Modified power steering pump bracket, painted and ready to go - I think.

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