1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2023.06.11

The restoration of the sway bar and its linkages has been a long time coming. I'd gotten all the pieces stripped of rust and old paint, coated them with rust preventative and repainted them with Eastwood's Extreme Chassis Black in a gloss black finish.

I also got Energy Suspension's bushing kit and pressed the linkage bushings into the linkages. All that was left was to bolt them on. I figured my collection of grade 8 fasteners would give me plenty of options, but none of them were the right length for this application. I guess I'm ordering more fasteners. I also need 2 more eyelet bolts which will be arriving soon.

It's always something with fasteners. I will have quite the surplus of nice fasteners when this is all done.

Sway bar pieces ready to go, just need some more fasteners.

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