1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2023.06.06

I posted about this on 05/31/2023, but the transmission shift lever didn't come out like I wanted it to. I was installing the shift knob and while tightening the lock nut the wrench slipped and very lightly hit the lever and the paint flaked off down to the primer. That got me curious about whether the paint really cured correctly or not.

After 2 do-overs I finally finished repainting the transmission shift lever. The transfer case shift lever went rather easily. Maybe I did better prep and was more patient with it, but I got that one done on the first try and applying 2 good coats of semi-gloss.

The transmission shift lever was a different story. The paint didn't look right the first time, so I tried to correct it by sanding it, but the paint was still soft, waited another day and it still wasn't good enough to sand so I stripped it all the way down to bare steel again. Primed it again, let it sit for a day, added another light coat of primer, let it sit for 2 days, then a light coat of paint, sit for 2 more days, more paint, then let it sit for 3 days. It cured nicely and looks good. Hopefully it sticks.

Shifter levers are finally back in place.

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