1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2023.05.29

Today I went down a rabbit hole that I'd never even planned on. To get some larger parts off the floor and onto the Jeep, mainly to get them out of the way, I mounted the bumper. Looking at it from the front, I thought it looked quite crooked.

The bumper is visibly lower on the driver's side.

Using a long level I checked the alignment and it was off by quite a bit. I also placed the level on the garage floor, which was almost dead even. There is a slight downward slope toward the driver's side of the Jeep as it's situated here. The rear also has a slightly lowered driver's side, which may be because of the garage floor.

Nope, not level.

Reading some forum posts, this is quite normal and shouldn't impact driving (at least not the difference that I'm seeing, which isn't severe), but it was bothering me. Also, the very front of the frame has more twist, so maybe it's fine structurally. The points behind the firewall line are pretty much the same height off the ground.

Some people talked about getting a long 4x4 pieces of wood and levering the frame rails. I had a 6' long steel pipe and got on it with my body weight and bounced on it several times. It actually made a difference, which is a little disturbing, but I stopped after a while. This is as far as I want to take it and if it really needs more straightening, I'll have a pro do it. I've also learned that this can be done after the Jeep has been completed, so it's not super critical to do this now. I'm sure it would be easier for a frame shop to do it now, but I don't want to deal with towing it back and forth.

I also loosened all engine mounting and skid plate bolts to reset those fasteners. Maybe there was some tension in how things were mounted and torqued down that caused a distortion?

Bent the pipe while trying to untwist the frame rails.

A little better. We'll revisit this if necessary. Please note this photo is tilted right side downward, so it may actually look worse than the earlier photo, but the level reading shows that there was a slight improvement. Actually, all the photos seem a bit tilted, uggh.

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