1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2022.08.16

11 months since I last worked on the Jeep - pathetic!

Took some time to do some easy tasks like greasing the tie rod ball joints, routing fuel supply and return hoses for the Holley Sniper fuel injection system. I also installed the fuel pump and inline fuel filters. The pump is supposed to be installed below the bottom level of the fuel tank, but without actually installing it on the fuel tank skid plate, I wasn't sure how else to do it, so I installed it on the passenger side inner frame rail. I hope it's close enough. I didn't want to install the fuel pump and filters right under the tank since it seemed like a pretty vulnerable location. Also, a powered electrical device that close to the fuel tank gives me pause, but I'm sure it would be fine.

Frame-mounted inline fuel pump and filters before and after the pump.

The fuel supply line was routed more directly to reduce the length of the hose before connecting to the fuel pump.

Ordered these big O-rings that are used to secure quick-detach bumpers on track cars. They're about 1/4" thick and are rather robust. They work well to keep the fuel filters from rattling against the frame, which would cause irritating noises and probably wear away the frame paint.

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