1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2021.09.28

Continuing the front end work required more metal restoration of retaining brackets and brake/fuel line clips. Some time in rust converter, then a coating of Rust Encapsulator followed by Chassis Black did a nice job.

Front brake line brackets attached to the frame.

Brake line routing for front passenger side, attached to the front frame crossmember.

A combination of original and new hose mounting clips were used. Some of the original clips were rusted beyond rescue.

Another task I finally got around to was installing the brake proportioning valve. This attaches to the left inner side of the frame and, you guessed it, proportions the amount of fluid pressure needed to actuate the front and rear brakes properly. Very simple device - no ABS.

You'd think this would be super simple to install, and it is for the most part, but the bolts supplied were 5/16"-18, however, the corresponding holes in the frame are 1/4"-20, so I had to get more fasteners. Also, the outlet to the rear brakes is 9/16"-18 thread, but the connector on the rear brake line is 7/16"-24, so I had to get an adapter for that. Just a couple of online orders and waiting a few days, easy enough.

Brake proportioning valve and the brake line connections. The top ports have been taped off, but accommodate the lines that go to the master cylinder.

Got that shoulder bolt and attached the rear brake lines to the rear axle housing.

The other day I had started to bolt the intake manifold and headers to the engine, but there were some large gaps where the bolt heads needed to make contact. I needed the manifold washers that were originally installed. I found them and soaked them in rust converter, but I found 8 and need 9, so ordered more.

Got everything I needed then torqued them to 23 ft-lbs as specified in the service manual, using a spiraling pattern from the middle outward.

Intake and headers installed. Starting to look like an engine.

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