1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2021.09.19

After finishing a long day in the garage yesterday, I decided to get back to it today and see if I could figure out the transmission mount misalignment. To keep things short, I'll spare you all the gory details, photos of grinding out holes, etc. I removed the lowering spacers and then widened the mounting holes on the skid plate to give me a bit more play to get the transmission mount bolts in and remount the skid plate with less conflict - it was interfering with the mounting bolt threads and causing deformation of the threads and angling the bolts. I had to re-tap all the holes and make sure that the bolts would go in straight without damaging the threads and eventually got it all to line up.

Transmission mount bolt hole alignment before (left) and after (right). It appears that the 1" lowering spacers caused enough angular deflection to be a real problem.

After finally getting the transmission mount to line up, I felt I had everything well arranged and ready to button things up. I torqued all the engine mount, skid plate, transmission mount and bell housing bolts to spec.

I am curious if the bell housing bolts require thread locker or lock washers. I just reinstalled them as I found them - maybe they are just held by the tension?

No jacks or hoists to support anything, finally.

Everything looks to be in line and I feel much better about the alignment and tension of all the pieces.

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