1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2021.09.08

A very short session with the Jeep engine today to install the camshaft and begin actual engine assembly. The black paste on the lobes and distributor gear is Crane Cams moly paste. This is required to provide the needed lubrication and heat protection during cam and lifter break-in. Flat tappet cams are prone to burning up the lobes and bottoms of the lifters if not properly broken in. When properly broken in the lifters rotate in their bores and wear evenly while minimizing friction wear on the cam lobes.

The paste is not to be used on the camshaft bearings. Those only get assembly lube or engine oil since the moly paste would be too thick and damage the bearings.

Cam installed - pretty straightforward and took about 15 minutes including applying the lube and paste.

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