1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2021.09.06

Today's weather turned out to be even better than the original day I planned to paint the engine and other parts. Even lower humidity and temperatures peaked in the low 80's.

I used bronze brushes to scrape everything and remove as much of the rust converter residue as I could. You can paint on it like a sort of primer, but I think the best adhesion will be on clean bare metal, so I brushed as much as I could, blew it off with a compressor, then wiped everything down with xylene.

I think it's all finally clean.

Painting took a bit more time than I thought, but I got started early enough that I had plenty of time to do a number of light coats. I think it turned out rather well - just hope it stays on the engine. Funny thing, I have a case of carpel tunnel syndrome from working the spray nozzle with my right index finger LOL. I am in awe of how painful it is.

Painted the block, head, thermostat housing and timing chain cover in AMC Blue. I decided against painting the water pump blue.

Looks rather nice after fresh paint and removing all the tape.

The engine is painted. Only took me 3 years to do it ;-)

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