1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2020.04.22

I've decided to paint the tail housings with Eastwood's AlumaBlast. It has become painfully evident that the best way to apply it is directly to stripped aluminum. Primer is not the way to go since it compromises adhesion - I know this because I accidentally hit my transmission housing with a wrench and it chipped and flaked with very little effort - uggh. We'll see how that works out over the long run, but for now, whatever - don't care.

For final stripping of the tail housings, I knocked out the bearing cups and oil seals, then degreased some more, sprayed everything down with brake cleaner, then a final wipe down with xylene solvent.

Some nicely stripped and degreased tail housings.

Next I masked the tail housings to prepare for painting. I didn't have enough time to paint and the weather wasn't ideal either. It's been rather cool and I didn't want to waste all this prep effort to do a botched paint job.

Masked and ready for paint - whenever the weather allows it.

While I was in a stripping mood, I decided to tackle the main transfer case housing. After some quality time with a wire wheel on my angle grinder and a Dremel tool, I think I got it stripped down pretty well. I'll just need to fully degrease it later, but not today.

The main transfer case housing is looking pretty good. Still need to degrease it, but got all the old stuff off.

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