1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2020.04.19

I thought I was 70% done with transfer case disassembly, but today took even longer than yesterday. So much for my estimation of progress.

In order to get the output shafts and their respective gears out, one has to press them through the gears and bearings while they are still in the main housing. This is very cumbersome since the housing and its contents probably weighs 50 lbs or more and the shift rod end caps and studs on the other side make it very difficult to get the right position in the press. It's not  shown, but I heated the studs up with a blowtorch to melt the thread locker and unscrew them. I'd later find out that the shift rod covers can simply be tapped out with a hammer and dowel. I wish I'd known that today.

Output shaft assemblies still stuck in the main housing. They need to be pressed out.

Much easier to maneuver under the press ram after the studs are removed.

The rear output shaft assembly was almost impossible to press out while in the housing. Turns out that I was trying to press the shaft through 2 sets of bearings. It's not very obvious, but the 3-pronged gear puller un the photo below was used to pull one of the bearings off. It was quite stubborn so I heated that bearing up with a blowtorch then used the puller. Once that bearing was off, the other one was quite easy to press through.

Rear output shaft assembly is now out.

I was wondering if I really needed to completely rebuild this thing, but after I got everything broken down to their base components, I noticed some very significant wear on the interior splines of the rear output shaft. It's rather impressive how worn it was, so I ordered a new one. Might as well replace it while I have it apart - also, it will hopefully add a lot of life to the transfer case.

Some crazy wear on the interior rear output shaft splines.

Next, I wanted to get the tail housings cleaned up. These things were incredibly dirty since oil leaked all over the entire transfer case and congealed with dirt, moisture and rust, for about 15 years. For a first pass with a LOT of degreaser and wire hand brushes, they are starting to look pretty good.

Photos don't really show just how nasty the tail housings were, but they cleaned up well.

Now I'm 90% done with disassembly. Everything is out of the housings, but I still need to get the shift rods and shifter shaft out. Another day.

Just about done taking it all apart.

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