1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2020.04.15

As I make my way through the drivetrain, I decided to tackle the bell housing next. This seemed like a much less involved task than rebuilding the transfer case, which I really need to start on. There was some grease and grime to deal with, but it wasn't too bad. Just some quality time with a lot of degreaser and stiff nylon brushes.

Not too gnarly, but it will take some work to get this ready to paint.

The bell housing breaks down into just a few components - the clutch fork, inner and outer clutch fork springs, the throwout bearing and the clutch fork boot. There is a little steel ball that the clutch fork pivots on and it's attached to the inside of the bell housing. You can see it in the right photo above.

Bell housing components removed, less the pivot ball.

After some time with degreaser and a couple of nylon brushes, the bell housing is looking pretty good. Still need to work on this, but I'm quite close to being able to paint it.

Not too shabby - actual work done 2020.04.16

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