1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2020.04.14

After all the priming and painting, I put the transmission back together - it's now fully sealed and ready to be attached to the transfer case and bell housing. One thing I have a fair amount of angst about is the primer underneath the paint. After I fully primed the transmission housing, I realized that the self-etching primer is only rated to withstand up to 170 degrees F!

F! I think normal operating temperatures for manual transmissions are around 160-180 degrees F and can get much higher than that if there is significant load on the gearbox and if ambient temperatures are high. I consulted a few folks and some said to just go ahead and paint it, others said I needed to strip it down to bare aluminum and just put the aluminum paint directly on the aluminum. The aluminum paint is rated up to 300 degrees F.

Well, I decided to just paint the thing and see how things go. Worst case, it will bubble and peel after a short period of time. Best case, maybe it works out OK. In either case, it won't impact performance one bit.

Transmission ready to go.

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