1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2019.10.05

Just back from a work trip to New York and needed to at least get the rear axle coated with the AG 111 top coat. Once this cures I think I'm actually ready to get the rear end back together.

Applied the Mastercoat AG 111 top coat to the AMC 20 rear axle housing.

I also spent some time on wheel restoration today. The sooner I can get tires on these wheels, the sooner I can get the axles off the ground / trollies. This took some doing - I first hit each wheel (show side) with Flitz and 0000 steel wool to get as much of the surface crud off. This also removed some surface rust and small pits. Afterwards, I used the Flitz on a "buff ball" attached to a power drill and polished the shiny side of the rims. Once this was completed, I coated the rim with rust converter to hopefully dissolve any surface rust or rust that was sitting in deeper pits.

Five clean looking wheels!

The wheels aren't perfect, but I'm not sure how "perfect" I want to get them. My main concern is clear coating over rust and having that rust bubble up the clear coat. Worst case, I'll have to do this again, but I'm hoping that I can at least go a few years before having to worry about that. At this point, they look far better than they did.

After a day of polishing and cleaning - not too bad.

Tomorrow I'll look into polishing them a bit more. I'm rather anxious to get fresh clear coat on them, but don't want to rush the process and end up with poor results.

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