1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2019.09.28

Not exactly restoration related, but I took on a small woodworking project today to get all of the major components on casters so I could move them around easily. After a trip to Home Depot and some time with a circular saw and a drill/driver combo, I got the frame flat and level on wheels, and each of the axles on their own rolling platforms.

After some ham-fisted woodworking, things in the garage were much easier to deal with.

Getting the heavier components on wheels has been a great improvement in garage logistics, if I can call it that. With the frame raised and oriented the same way as if assembled I can work on it and add some of the lower components, like the skid plate and bump stops, without having to lie down on the ground to do so.

The bigger benefit is that I can just roll all of these pieces in and out, which saves me quite a bit of time when taking on a particular piece, or putting everything away so I can get a car in one side of the garage.

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