1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2019.09.27

I decided not to tackle too much today, but got to some odds and ends done like sealing and coating the skid plate, read drum brake backing plates, front disc brake shields and the rear differential cover.

Skid plate, rear drum brake backing plates, front disc brake dust shields and rear differential cover - rust sealed and then top coated with Anti-Graffiti 111 in gloss black.

I also took a little time to work on the wheel center caps. As you may be able to see, 2 of them have holes in the middle and 2 of them don't. The ones with the holes are for the front wheels and the manual 4WD hubs are accessed through the holes. Obviously, the remaining 2 caps are for the rear wheels. I used a "buff ball" drill attachment and Flitz metal cleaner/polish to do the job.

Ah, the magic of Flitz!

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