1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2018.10.21

After the rear axle wire wheeling, I decided I'd better get after it with the front axle. I really wanted to make headway on the frame, but I got going on the axles, so I might as well stay at it while I have the momentum. The first order of business was to get some of the components off of the ends. I.e. the hubs and rotors.

Didn't take enough photos of the disassembly process, but got both hubs and rotors off.

I then hit the axle housing with the wire wheel on the angle grinder. Much to my pleasant surprise, the rust seemed to come off easier, especially on the steering knuckles. The appearance is far worse than the actual depth of the rust and I think I can salvage most of what is here. I'll still probably get new axles, but I'm not entirely sure that I have to. Also, they're rather expensive.

Took a bit of time, but things cleaned up nicely. I still have more disassembly to do, so I'll have to revisit some of this wire wheeling, but I feel like I'm making progress!

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