1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2018.10.13

After getting the axles off of the frame, it was time to assess the condition of the differentials. Taking the differential covers off, here's what I found. First up was the rear differential. I took the cover off of the AMC 20 and I was both surprised and alarmed. The inside looked like chocolate milk. This is because the gear oil had emulsified with water, creating this oil and rust mixture that had made its way into every part of the axle housing. This isn't really that bad. The more alarming part is that the parts of the ring gear that were sitting outside of the fluid were rusted a bit. This is more than surface rust, but not enough for me to really be concerned. I'll just run it as is and see how it goes - after a very thorough cleaning.

Emulsified hypoid gear oil - dee-lish!

Next up, the Dana 30 front axle. When I got into this thing, the chocolate milk was there, but to my pleasant surprise, everything else looked great!

Dana 30 looking good. Well, except for the chocolate milk.

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