1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2018.08.18

After all the drama with getting the body off, I decided I had better make some headway with the engine and took it over to the machinist. Without revealing specific businesses or people, I'll just say that Larry took the engine in a few days ago and got to work with doing what he does.

Machine shop with requisite calendar of busty babes wielding tools.

Larry had pointed out that the crank needed some grinding and the block needed to be bored out 0.030" over, which would require new pistons. Also, the camshaft and lifters were shot due to damage from rust, which essentially locked up the engine.

Cam after extraction (left) then after partial glass bead blasting (right).

Block and head after hot tanking and bead blasting.

Exhaust valves (to be replaced) and block internal markings (right).

What I'm told is that the main and rod bearings will be ground 0.010" and the correlating oversized bearings will be ordered. Pistons will be ordered to accommodate the 0.030" over bore. New exhaust valves will be ordered and installed, and a 3-angle valve job will be performed on the head. All new seals and gaskets will be ordered, the timing chain cover was bead blasted and a new crank seal installed, and all new timing gears and chain will be provided, this time all metal vs. the plastic OEM job that is known to deteriorate over time and cause engine issues.

Comp Cams - camshaft, lifters, and valve springs.

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