1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2018.07.08

It's nice to have the engine out of the Jeep and on a stand to start digging into it. Got the clutch and flywheel off. The flywheel bolts were very tight. I had to use a 24" 1/2" drive breaker bar with a steel pipe on the end to generate enough torque to break the bolts free.

I used a quart of degreaser to get the block reasonably clean. It could still use some more cleansing, but I figured this got me far enough along to maybe take it to a machinist. The interesting thing I discovered were all of the markings on the engine block.

Now, the inside of the bottom end of the engine was not as interesting - actually, it was kinda scary. The oil pump assembly was caked in sludge, and the entire bottom end looks to have developed quite a bloom of rust. At least I hope it's just a bloom.

It remains to be seen what all of this means. Is the engine completely f&*ked, or can it be salvaged? Only time will tell. I will continue to break down the engine to its essential components and have a competent machinist evaluate its condition.

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