1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2018.07.04

After a flurry of business travel in June, took 4th of July week off to unplug and get some hours in on the Jeep. I really got to work in the engine compartment and got the engine out. I was hoping to have gotten to this point earlier in the week, but I needed to acquire an engine hoist, an engine stand, get grade 8 bolts to mount the engine to the stand, and get more penetrating oil.

The most time-consuming part was getting all of the accessories and smog pump/emissions crap off of the engine.

Removing all the crap on top of the engine took a lot longer than I'd anticipated - actually, I think that took far longer than the actual engine removal, which was very straight forward. There were some tight bolts in hard to reach places that required the use of breaker bars and creative connections of socket extensions and U-joints, but after that, it was just making sure I had solid attachment to the engine and carefully working the hoist.

The bell housing looks to have been a nice home for some mice - more hickory nut shells.

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