1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2018.06.03

Due to business travel, I haven't been able to spend much with the Jeep, but today I started some disassembly. In addition to the engine being seized, the more I explore the Jeep the more things I find (like rust-rotted sections of the body), the more I realize that I will need to start a complete frame-off restoration now.

First thing I did was remove the seats and pull the carpet. The entire floor was carpeted, but the carpet was quite old and moldy. After carpet removal, I discovered a number of areas that developed a lot of surface rust from moisture being trapped underneath the carpeting.

The seats looked surprisingly good considering the original 37 year-old vinyl.

Looking more closely, there are some areas where the rust has completely consumed the sheet metal of the body. The decayed sheet metal under the roll bar attachment points is a major safety concern, but can be repaired with some metal fabrication and welding. Actually, I don't think I even need to fabricate anything since there are readily available floor panels and body supports.

Notice the "floor vent" on the passenger side of the right photo ;-)

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