1981 CJ7 Restoration - 2018.05.25

Well, I finally did it - I bought my buddy's old Jeep and it actually ended up at my house. A couple photos from the past and the day it went from his house to mine.

On the beach, Eastern Shore or Outer Banks, back in the day.

The Jeep in Greg's tent, where it rested for 12 years!

Leaving my buddy's house.

First day in my garage!

It’s a 1981 Jeep CJ7 Laredo with the 258 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine, 4-speed manual, with 91,173 miles on it. The vehicle last ran in the winter of 2006.

Untitled photo

Original window sticker.

Just getting it to my house was a bit of an ordeal. At my buddy’s house, we could not push the Jeep out of the shed and figured that it had settled well into the divots in the ground under the tires. When the tow truck arrived, it went up the flatbed just fine. No dragging or catching, etc. However, when we got it to my house, we could not push it for the life of us. Terry the tow truck driver was a class act and stayed until we got the Jeep into my garage. He tried his best to help me get the thing into my garage, but we could not push the thing forward to save our lives. So, he towed it forward and we would then push it in backwards. Well, when it was being towed forward, the right rear wheel dragged, then broke loose, then, it dragged again for like 12 feet. At this point we just decided to push it backwards into the garage and we got it in.

I had this pipe dream of the Jeep just turning over after installing a fresh battery, but before doing so, I was highly advised by friends and many Jeep forums to hand crank the engine to make sure it wasn’t seized. I poured some Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder after removing the spark plugs, and then tried to turn the crank pulley with a breaker bar. NOTHING. The engine mounts flexed, but there was no moving the crank. So, I let it sit. A few hours later, tried again, nothing. Oh well, I guess the saga begins. I have to keep in mind that this thing hasn’t run in 12 years! Also, in that time, it’s been outside, enclosed in a fabric tent, but the east coast is not a steel-friendly environment with the lingering humidity we get here. Only time will tell what I'm really getting into.

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