1974 Ducati 750 GT Restoration - 2019.07.25

Another trip to Moto Europa to see some more goodness. The seat was restored earlier, but I haven't seen it on the frame. It's starting to resemble a motorcycle.

The main reason for today's visit was to see the newly powder coated Frame and swingarm. I'd first taken it to a powder coating company in Maryland to handle some tasks myself, and they really did a crappy job. Very crudely done. They applied such a thick coat that you couldn't see the VIN number on the head tube. What was even more surprising was that they powder coated right over the original homologation tag - WTF?!

Dave's powder coater did a wonderful job the second time around. Lesson learned, let the professional restorer make the judgment call on who does the powder coating next time. Painful and costly lesson, but the botched powder coating job was recovered and beautifully corrected.

VIN numbers clearly legible and new homologation tag installed.

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